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Best Fat Burners for Men: Fat Burners Explained

Fat Burners Explained: Best Fat Burners for Men

Fat burners have gained a lot of eminence in the current scenario. This is because of the increase in junk diet intake which has lead to more and more obese population all over the globe. Obesity, besides causing various disabilities is a prominent underlying reason behind lots of diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, etc. Hence […]

How to Lose Belly Fat and Get Six-Pack Abs: Complete Guide

How to lose belly fat and get six pack abs

A lot of people dream of a toned body with six-pack abs, however very few are able to achieve it as it requires lots of hard work and determination. The process needs to go in two levels i.e. development of abs at first and fat loss (majorly over the belly area) is the second part.  […]

Best Dietary Supplements: In-depth look at Benefits and Side effects of Dietary Supplements

Best Dietary Supplements

What are Dietary Supplements? Dietary supplements are nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are meant to supply an additional amount of nutrients to the body, along with that provided by food. They can be in the form of capsules, tablets, powders, juices etc. Supplements have gained a lot of eminence in current times, because of deteriorating […]

Best Supplements to Gain Muscle Mass: Mass Gainer vs Whey Protein

Mass Gainers vs Whey Protein

Fitness and good looks have become vital requisites in today’s world. Fitness is necessary to keep one going with the fast pace of life and good looks help base confidence. Looking good is not about wearing expensive make-ups and using elite cosmetics. It refers to overall well-being inside and outside. With the increasing sway of […]

Protein Intake Calculator: Are you Consuming Adequate and Appropriate Proteins?

Protein intake per day calculator

Proteins are the building blocks of the body and are responsible for all growth and repair processes. The body needs regular protein intake to build and restore its tissues. Protein accounts for 20-35% of the daily calorie intake, being one of the three major nutrients. Yet the average Indian diets are mostly deficient in proteins […]

Protein “Dry Basis” vs “As Is”: Understanding Whey Protein Efficacy

If you are a fitness freak and wish to perpetuate a good physique for lifetime, whey protein would definitely be a vital ingredient of your regime. Regardless of your target, whey proteins are essential for muscle building, fat loss as well as healthy living. But there are thousands of brands available in the market-leading to […]

Best Supplements to Get Lean and Ripped: Beginners Guide to Getting Ripped Body

Build Lean muscles

Most people dream of having a ripped body, but very few of them know the science behind getting ripped and lean. Getting ripped doesn’t mean to imitate the body of famous celebrities or bodybuilders. Everyone has their individual body type, body structure, and composition based on heredity and a lot of other factors, and hence […]

Utmost Remedies for Clumpy Pre-workout Supplements

clumpy preworkout remedies

Pre-workout is a supplement which on consumption before exercise boosts your energy levels as well as provides you sustained energy during the workout. It comprises of constituents like beta-alanine, creatine, amino acids, L- Citrulline, etc. It even assists in muscle recovery after long exhausting workouts. If you are also familiar with Pre-workout and it forms […]

BCAA (Branched-chain Amino Acids): Uses & Benefits

BCA benefits and side effects

In today’s world, people have become extremely cognizant about looks and fitness. Fitness refers to a state of well being from inside as well as outside. However, it is not that simple for everyone to gain the desired body as it requires a lot of determination and thrusting to a correct lifestyle. A good lifestyle […]

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