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Written by Navneet Kaur, M.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics


Health Benefits of Banana Stem

Banana stems, often overlooked in favour of the fruit itself, are a valuable component of the banana plant. Known for their numerous health benefits, banana stems are commonly used in South Asian and Southeast Asian cuisines. Packed with essential nutrients and medicinal properties, banana stems offer a wide range of advantages for those who incorporate them into their diets.  


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Banana stems are an excellent source of dietary fibre, promoting healthy digestion and preventing constipation. 

1. Rich in Fibre 

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The high fibre content in banana stems helps create a feeling of fullness, which can aid in weight management and control. 

2. Weight Management 

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Banana stems have natural detoxifying properties that can help flush out toxins from the body and cleanse the urinary system. 

3. Detoxification 

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Regular consumption of banana stem juice may prevent the formation of kidney stones by reducing the concentration of crystals in urine. 

4. Kidney Health 

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Potassium in banana stems helps regulate blood pressure, reducing the risk of hypertension and promoting overall cardiovascular health. 

5. Heart Health 

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Banana stems have been associated with improved insulin sensitivity, potentially assisting in the management of diabetes. 

6. Diabetes Management 

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Banana stems are a good source of essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B6, vitamin C, iron, and calcium. 

7. Rich in Nutrients 

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The compounds in banana stems possess anti-inflammatory properties that may alleviate conditions like arthritis and joint pain. 

8. Anti-Inflammatory 

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Banana stem fibre aids in maintaining a healthy gut, preventing digestive disorders, and promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. 

9. Digestive Health 

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The nutrients in banana stems contribute to skin health by rejuvenating and hydrating the skin, potentially reducing signs of ageing. 

10. Skin Health 

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Banana stems may be an underappreciated part of the banana plant, but they certainly deserve attention for their remarkable health benefits. Whether consumed as a juice, cooked in curries, or incorporated into salads, banana stems are a delicious and nutritious addition to your diet. 


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