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Written by Navneet Kaur, M.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics


Importance of Calcium For Women

Calcium is a vital nutrient crucial for women's health at every stage of life. From supporting bone strength to aiding in pregnancy, its benefits are indispensable. Let's explore why calcium is a cornerstone of women's wellness. 


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Calcium is vital for maintaining strong bones, especially for women who are at higher risk of osteoporosis. 

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1. Bone Health

Adequate calcium intake can help prevent osteoporosis, a condition characterized by weak and brittle bones. 

2.  Preventing Osteoporosis

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During pregnancy, calcium is crucial for the development of the baby's bones, teeth, and muscles. 

3. Pregnancy Support

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Calcium supports healthy menstrual cycles and may help alleviate symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). 

4. Menstrual Health

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Calcium plays a key role in blood clotting, helping to prevent excessive bleeding during menstruation and childbirth. 

5. Blood Clotting

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Adequate calcium levels are essential for proper nerve function, helping to transmit nerve impulses throughout the body. 

6. Nerve Function

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Calcium regulates muscle contractions, including those of the heart, supporting overall cardiovascular health. 

7.  Muscle Function

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Dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt are rich sources of calcium, along with leafy greens, fortified foods, and supplements. 

8. Sources of Calcium

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The recommended daily intake of calcium for adult women is around 1000-1200 mg, varying with age and other factors. 

9. Daily Intake       Recommendations

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Ensuring adequate calcium intake is essential for women's health, supporting bone strength, menstrual health, pregnancy, and overall well-being. 


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