Milk Thistle and its Benefits

Written by Navneet Kaur , M.Sc. Nutrition and Dietititcs


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Milk thistle is used as a herbal remedy to strengthen the liver and kidney functioning. It is extracted from the milk thistle plant that contains Silymarin - the benefitting compound. 

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1. Antioxidant

Silymarin in milk thistle possess potent antioxidant properties that protect us from free radicals and oxidative stress.   

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2. Anti-inflammatory

Research support that milk thistle may help enhance muscle strength, size, and overall athletic performance .

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3. Anti-diabetic

Studies suggest that milk th. istle may help manage blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity.

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4. Increase Liver Health

Milk thistle has been shown to boost liver health. This makes it beneficial for fitness lovers on high-protein diets for better digestion and absorption of nutrients.   

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5. Supports Brain Health

Milk thistle may possess neuroprotective properties and prevent age-related cognitive decline.   

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6. Safe to Use

Milk thistle is safe to use and has no side effects. Pregnant women and people with medical conditions should consult an expert before taking milk thistle supplement.    

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Incorporating milk thistle into your diet as a herbal supplement can provide benefits. It can improve the overall well-being.     

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