Secret To Ravi Dubey's Incredible Transformation


M.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics

Navneet Kaur


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Ravi Dubey's recent transformation was the talk of the town. Let's deep dive into his tips for a 30 days weight loss plan. 

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After being covid positive, he gained around 10 kg weight. His upcoming shoot motivated him to take it as a challenge for which he was required to look leaner. 

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Ravi Dubey used to strength train for 1.5 hours daily in the morning. 

1. Weight Training 

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His workout schedule also included a 10 km jog in the evening.

2. Jogging 

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Ravi Dubey consumed a calorie-deficit diet. His diet included organic food in moderate quantities. It is vital to understand the portion sizes. 

3. A well-calculated diet 

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Opting for healthy food options evidently helped him a lot in achieving his fitness goals. 

4. Healthy Eating 

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Ravi Dubey believes that being disciplined in the diet and workout is the most effective and sustainable way to stay fit and healthy. 

5. Discipline is the key