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Written by Navneet Kaur, M.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics


Types of Plank Exercises

Welcome to the world of planks, the ultimate powerhouse exercise for sculpting a strong and stable core. In just a few minutes a day, you can transform your fitness routine and build endurance like never before. 


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Start with the basics – the classic plank. Get into a push-up position, arms straight beneath your shoulders, and hold your body in a straight line. Engage your core and maintain the position for as long as you can. 

1. The Classic Plank  

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Shift the focus to your obliques with the side plank. Balance on one forearm and the side of your foot, forming a straight line from head to toe. Feel the burn in your side muscles. 

2. Side Plank 

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Add a dynamic twist to your plank by incorporating shoulder taps. While holding the plank position, alternate tapping each shoulder with the opposite hand. This challenges your stability and enhances shoulder strength. 

3. Plank with Shoulder Taps   

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Elevate the intensity by adding leg lifts to your plank. Lift one leg at a time while maintaining a straight body position. This variation targets your lower abs and enhances overall core engagement. 

4. Plank with Leg Lifts 

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Take the strain off your wrists with the forearm plank. Support your body weight on your forearms while keeping your body in a straight line. This modification is gentle on the wrists and equally effective. 

5. Forearm Plank 

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Flip the script with the reverse plank. Sit on the floor with your legs extended and hands placed behind you, fingers pointing towards your feet. Lift your hips to create a straight line from head to heels, targeting your back and glutes. 

6.  Reverse Plank  

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Challenge your obliques and hip flexors by bringing your knee to your elbow in a plank position. Alternate between sides, feeling the crunch as you work your way to a sculpted midsection. 

7. Plank with Knee to Elbow 

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Embrace your inner Spiderman with this plank variation. Bring your knee to your elbow on the same side as you hold the plank. This move targets the obliques and adds a touch of agility to your workout. 

8. Spiderman Plank 

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These plank variations can revolutionize your fitness routine. Strengthen your core, improve stability, and transform your body with these versatile and effective exercises. Elevate your fitness game and unleash the power within! 


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