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Multivitamin Supplements

There are more than 50 types of vitamins and minerals required by the human body to maintain vital functioning of life., Although the basic human food is enriched with each of these yet the deficiency of multivitamins is most common as with aging enormous changes takes place in the body leading to decline in the absorption rate of the vital nutrients as a result of which the need to supplement these vital nutrients from outside sources manifolds.

Vitamins and minerals, altogether known as Multivitamins are well known to envelop the vital deficiencies of micronutrients and are universally available as a dietary supplement in the form of pills.

Some of the generalized key benefits of Multivitamin Supplements are:

  • Act as a catalyst to help the body function properly while their deficiency may cause mild or serious health hazards.
  • Essential for maintaining health, increasing longevity, and minimizing the impact of chronic illnesses.
  • Boost immunity and keep disease and infections at bay.
  • Perform day-to-day chores at best and maintain overall wellbeing, multivitamins are necessarily required by the body.

Apart from general well-being, Multivitamin supplementation has gained wide acceptability as a sports supplement, it is so because the vitamin and mineral requirement for gym-practitioners/ athletes vary considerably and to maintain their workout pace and general well being, multivitamin supplementation is crucial.

Are Multivitamin Supplements Safe?

In general, consuming Multivitamin Supplements is perfectly safe for both men and women and poses no threat to health in a healthy individual. However, unpleasant taste in mouth, headache, constipation, and nausea are some of the side effects which can occur after consuming Iron-based Multivitamin supplements in some exceptional conditions.
Therefore, it is best advised to always consult a nutrition expert or a health care provider and get your dosage customized to avoid having side-effects related to Multivitamin supplements.

Why Buy from Nutrabay?

We are India’s most trusted online health supplement store. Products sold on Nutrabay are 100% authentic as we source products either directly from brands or with their official importers. We guarantee hassle-free buying experience online, with secure online payment options and cash on delivery. Check out Vitamin Supplements to feel great every day and build a vigorous lean body.


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