Easy Tips To Increase Your Step Count


M.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics

Navneet Kaur


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Walking is considered one of the best exercises. Studies support that walking improves bone and muscle health, improves balance, and reduces disease risk. We have compiled a list of quick, easy tips if you are trying to increase your step count.


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1. Use stairs

Instead of taking elevators and escalators, prefer climbing stairs.

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If you are in a desk job, lunchtime is the best time to utilize. You can go for a 10 -15 minute walk after having your lunch.

2. Post Lunch Walk

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You can set up a reminder on your computer or phone to walk or stand at regular intervals.

3. Set Reminders

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It is good to keep track of the daily number of steps you take. It will help understand daily habits and progress.

4. Keep Track

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Walk while taking calls over the phone.

5. Walk While Talk

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If you need to talk to someone on your work premises, walk over to their workstation instead of calling or texting them.

6. Face-To-Face Conversation.

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For grocery shopping or buying household stuff from nearby stores, prefer walking instead of driving.

7. Avoid driving

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