Neena Gupta & Her Secrets To Eternal Youthfulness


M.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics

Navneet Kaur


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Neena Gupta is known for her versatile roles in both television and film industry. This timeless beauty with her bold opinions recently shared how she manages to stay fit and young.

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1. regular walk

Neena Gupta never misses her regular walks which helps her maintain a healthy weight and add strength to bones and muscles.

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She practices yoga everyday which provides flexibility to joints, and muscles. It also improves balance and coordination.

2. yoga

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Neena Gupta rarely eat outside food. Simple home cooked food is always her first choice. 

3. home cooked food

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She advises having meals on time. A fixed meal routine is always better and good for metabolism.

4. meals on time

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In this era of multiple types of diets, Neena Gupta does not follow any specific diet. Her meals are full of vegetables, pulses, curd, and rice.

5. no crash diets

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