Shahrukh Khan's Ripped Physique : All You Need To Know About It!


M.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics

Navneet Kaur


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Shahrukh Khan's new look in Pathan is an outcome of 4 years of sheer dedication and hard work. Let's know how did he manage to achieve such chiselled physique at 56.

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1. no sugar 

To achieve those eight pack abs, Shahrukh eliminated sugar from his diet. It has been observed that avoiding sugar may help lose weight rapidly and reduce inflammation.

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His diet included a perfect balance of all macro and micronutrients as per his body needs.

2. Well-calculated diet

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Shahrukh's training schedule included both strength and weight training that helped him gain muscles and lose unwanted body fat.

3. strength training

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Shahrukh's never overlooked staying hydration. From water to fresh juices, he made sure that was never dehydrated.

4. hydration

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Shahrukh's dedication and consistent efforts are incredibly commendable.

 5. discipline

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