Tips To Choose The Best Protein Powder


M.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics

Navneet Kaur


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Protein powders contain protein in a powdered form that is derived from natural sources like milk, pea, soybean, legumes and nuts. They are nutritious, convenient and a good way to fulfil daily protein needs healthily. 

What are Protein Powders? 

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Consider these tips if you plan to begin with a protein powder. 

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Protein source should be the primary deciding factor. If you prefer milk proteins, you can opt for whey or casein protein depending on the health goal. Vegans or people avoiding dairy can consider plant-based protein powders like soy protein, pea protein or brown rice protein. 

 1. Check the Protein Source. 

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It is good to carefully check the ingredient list as the protein powder should be free from unwanted fillers and additives. 

2. Read the Ingredients list & Nutrition Facts. 

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A good quality protein powder ideally contains all the nine essential amino acids including BCAAs that our body can not synthesize. 

3. Essential Amino Acids Content. 

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The protein powder should not contain added sugar. Avoid protein powders that provide high sugar content from substitutes like sugar alcohols and maple syrup. 

4. Check for added sugar and sugar substitutes.  

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Many people find protein powders difficult to digest. They should prefer proteins that come with added digestive enzymes to support better nutrient absorption and digestion. 

5. Digestive Enzymes for Better Absorption. 

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Always buy protein supplements from a reputed and trustable source to secure the absence of any duplicacy. 

6. A certified supplement from a trusted source is the safest choice.