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What are proteins?

Proteins are large and complex molecules that play many crucial roles in our body. Their main role is to structure, function and regulate the organs and tissues of the body.

Why is protein so important in our diet?

These are the four good reasons why should include proteins in your diet.

  • You need proteins to make hormones, enzymes and carry many other body chemicals.
  • They are building blocks of the bones, muscles, cartilages, blood and skin.
  • Your body requires protein to build and repair muscles and tissues.
  • They do most of the work in cells. In fact hair and nails are majorly made up of proteins.

Benefits of protein supplements:

  • It reduces food craving and hunger pains
  • Ensures speedy recovery after workout session
  • Helps in maintaining a healthy weight
  • Reduces loss of muscles
  • Builds lean muscle

Protein powders that are used as a supplement:

Here are the proteins that can be used as a supplement in powder form

  • Plant based protein (natural and vegan)
      • Soy protein
      • Pea protein
      • Rice protein

How much protein does your body need?

The amount of protein that your body requires primarily depends on your goals, which are then followed by other factors like body weight, lifestyle, fat percentage and so on.

However, you can easily determine the amount of protein needed for your body by using any online calculator.

Protein constituents

Proteins are made up of tiny units called amino acids, which are connected with one another in long chains. There are about different types of amino acids, combination of which makes up proteins. The sequence of amino acids determine each of the protein’s unique three dimensional structure and its respective function.

There are two broad category of amino acids in our body:

EAAs- Our body can’t manufacture certain amino acids which fall in the category of essential amino acids. Hence, it’s important to consume them either through our regular diet or through supplementation. In case your diet lacks in fulfilling EAAs requirements. You should opt for supplements that contain BCAAs, which are packed with essential amino acids and are used for bodybuilding.

The next are the Nonessential amino acids- they are those which our body easily makes for itself.