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We have a tight control on our supply chain

  • 1. Direct Product Sourcing

    To ensure that you get original and authentic products, they are sourced either from brands directly or from official importers in case of international brands.

  • 2. Quality Checks

    All products recieved are checked for hygiene, pilferage and quality while they are being packed at our secure warehouses.

  • 3. Video Surveillance

    All packaging is done under video surveillance. This ensures that the package is untampered with at the time of packaging.

  • 4. Secure Packaging

    All packaging is done securely using Nutrabay branded tapes which cannot be duplicated.

  • 5. Trusted delivery

    Nutrabay works only with the best and most trusted delivery partners in the country.

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Our Trusted Importers

Secure Packaging For Nutrabay Products

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    Neck Band

    Nutrabay Products using a jar have a neck band tightly wrapped around the lid blocking anyone from opening the product till your doorstep.

  • Authenticity Sticker

    Each Nutrabay product purchased can be authenticated via a unique scratch code sticker placed on the product which takes you to our authentication page.

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    Vacuum Barrier

    Products using a jar have a vaccum barrier keeping your product vaccum-sealed and safe.

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