Top Core Strengthening Exercise


M.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics

Navneet Kaur


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A strong core supports the spine, provides better stability, and boosts overall fitness. Let's review the top exercises that are excellent for our core strength.


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1. Crunch

This exercise target core muscles and improve the mobility and flexibility of the muscles.

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Planks target almost every muscle of the body. They help improve posture, metabolism, and balance.

2. Plank

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This exercise target shoulder, hip, abs, and back muscles. Mountain climbers are good for improving functional fitness.

3. Mountain Climber

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It provides stability and strength to the glutes and core muscles and helps perform other exercises better.

4. Glute Bridge

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Russian twists are good for strengthening the core, obliques, and spine. They are good for reducing belly fat and toning ab muscles.

5. Russian Twist

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Bird dogs have been shown to promote proper posture and enhance range of motion. They can also help relieve back pain.

6. Bird Dog

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This exercise improves core stability, boosts coordination, and encourages a neutral spine.

7. Dead Bug

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