Top High Protein Snacks


M.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics

Navneet Kaur


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Most of us are fond of snacks. Protein-rich snacks are considered good for maintaining lean muscle mass and a healthy weight. Here are some nutritious and guilt-free protein-rich snacks.  

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Peanut butter is an incredible anytime protein-dense snack. It is easily available everywhere, convenient to carry, and packed with nutrients like niacin, antioxidants, magnesium, and B vitamins. 

1. Peanut Butter 

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Greek Yogurt is a good source of protein, calcium, vitamin B2, and B12. One can combine yogurt with fruits to satisfy sweet cravings. 

2. Greek Yogurt with Fruits 

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Trail Mix contains a combination of nuts and seeds like almonds, pistachios, dried fruits, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and many more.  

3. Trail Mix 

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Whey protein shakes provide around 20-25 grams of high-quality protein in a single serving. They are low in calories, easy to digest, and convenient to use. 

4. Whey Protein Shake 

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A handful of roasted chickpeas provide various nutrients like dietary fiber, iron, copper, magnesium, folate, and manganese. 

5. Roasted Chickpeas 

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Cottage cheese or paneer is nutrient-dense and a good source of nutrients like phosphorus, calcium, selenium, and vitamin B12. 

6. Cottage Cheese 

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Protein bars are superb on-the-go snacks to curb mid-meal hunger. However, one must check the ingredient label carefully to assure the absence of added sugar, synthetic colours, and additives. 

7. Protein Bars