Why is Vitamin D necessary? 


M.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics

Navneet Kaur


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Vitamin D is one of the essential fat-soluble vitamins that we all need. Maintaining optimal vitamin D levels through diet or supplements is important as our body can not synthesize it on its own.  

what is vitamin D?

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Let's get to know some of the health benefits of vitamin D.

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Vitamin D is required for calcium absorption and maintain bone density. Low vitamin D levels can increase the risk of fractures and osteoporosis. 

Vitamin D for strong bones and teeth .

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Our body need vitamin D to regulate certain immune response. It provides protection from certain diseases and infections. 

Vitamin D for immunity. 

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If you aim to gain muscular strength, make sure that your vitamin D levels are adequate as it enhances skeletal muscle regeneration and recovery. 

Vitamin D for strong muscles. 

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Vitamin D is involved in the synthesis of Melatonin – the sleep hormone required to regulate human circadian rhythms and sleep. If sound sleep is a trouble for you, it could be due to low vitamin D levels. 

Vitamin D for healthy sleep. 

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Infants: 400 IU or 10 mcg/ day.  Children: 600 IU or 15 mcg/ day.  Adults: 600 IU or 15 mcg/day.   Source: ICMR 

How much vitamin D do we need? 

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- Fatty fish like salmon, tuna, sardine and codfish  - Egg yolk  - Mushrooms  - Fortified milk and Orange juice  - Yogurt 

Vitamin D rich foods 

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