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Omega -3 Fish Oil Supplements 

Being exceptionally rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil is one of the most widely consumed nutritional supplements due to its crucial health benefits for fitness enthusiasts as well as for non-gym-goers. 

Vegetarians often lack omega-3 fatty acid in their diet as one of the main sources of fish oil is oily fish (particularly cold-water fish). To a lesser extent, fish oil is also found in walnut, chia seed, pumpkin seed, and flaxseed, it is for this reason that these seeds are considered as heart-healthy. 

What makes fish oil an incredible heart-healthy supplement is that it contains the two key types of omega-3 fatty acids namely: docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) which are highly polyunsaturated(good fat) in nature, and are crucial for preventing and managing heart complaints. 

Fish oil supplements are readily available in the form of jelly-based pills which are most often consumed either by fitness seekers as a pre/post-workout or in general by anyone seeking for best heart-healthy dietary supplement.

Key benefits of Fish Oil:

For general well-being:

  • When consumed over-time, fish oil helps to control blood cholesterol levels.
  • Helps to lower blood pressure.
  • Reduces the likelihood of plaque formation in the arteries which may otherwise lead to heart failure or angina pectoris.

As a Sports Supplement:

  • As a pre-workout supplement, Fish oil works at improving stamina for an active workout.
  • As a post-work supplement, research reveals that Fish oil supports muscle recovery which in turn results in bodybuilding. 
  • Fish Oil aids significant fat-loss, which is extremely crucial for fitness seekers.

How much fish oil you should take daily?

For a healthy individual, the RDI for total omega-3 is 1,100 mg for women and 1,600 mg for men. Most people get some omega-3 in their diet but foods from diet contain ALA. While the human body can turn ALA into EPA and DHA, it is unlikely to form adequate levels of these fatty acids on its own which means that unless a person is not eating about two portions (8 ounces or 224 grams) of oily fish per week,  the body is most likely to lack EPA and DHA. Therefore, on a safer side, up to 3,000 mg of fish oil daily is considered safe for adults to consume.

Is fish oil safe?

Being a natural supplement, consuming Fish Oil is perfectly safe and poses no threat to life in a healthy individual. However, those on blood-thinning drugs should always consult their health-care provider to get their fish oil dosage customized as over-dosage of fish oil can interact with blood-thinners like warfarin, heparin, etc.

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