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What is Glutamine?

A fitness enthusiast actively involved in any sport or a bodybuilder knows the importance of complete recovery. Vigorous exercise results in wear and tear of muscles, and lack of any nutrients can decelerate the recovery process and overall athletic performance. Opting for glutamine is a perfect approach if one needs something to fight everyday fatigue and repair and build muscles.

Glutamine is present in our body in abundance; about 50-60% and approximately 80% concentrates in skeletal muscles. The body can produce this conditionally essential amino acid, but the requirement may increase when the body is under duress. 

Easing up on the glutamine content mentioned on the whey protein and concluding that extra supplementation is not required might not be a good idea to recover fully.


Glutamine: Benefits & Uses

A person with a sedentary lifestyle may not require glutamine supplementation. But exercise results in depleted levels of glutamine and, if not replenished, might lead to muscle wasting. An extra dose of glutamine can significantly enhance muscle growth and reduce fatigue and protein disintegration. 

  1. Promote Muscle Growth: Glutamine helps build muscle by supplying nitrogen for muscle synthesis. It also stimulates the secretion of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that augments muscle growth. 
  2. Fight Fatigue: Glutamine is also known as an anti-fatigue amino acid. It delays the onset of fatigue by preventing ammonia accumulation and fighting inflammation. Our liver utilizes glutamine to produce energy from the stored glycogen. Glutamine supplementation doesn't make one feel drained during a workout. 
  3. Suppress Stress: Performance stress is common among athletes, specifically competitive athletes. Glutamine can help beat those stress and anxiety levels as glutamine is required to produce GABA (Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid), a powerful neurotransmitter known to calm our minds and relax brain nerves. 
  4. Boost Immunity: Glutamine plays a critical role in the immune system by acting as a fuel for the immune cells like lymphocytes and macrophages. Low glutamine concentration can impair immune function and make one susceptible to infections and diseases.
  5. Strengthen Gut Health: The gut is the body's second brain, as most immune cells reside here. Vital gut health is imperative to stay healthy. We need glutamine to synthesize intestinal cells, ensuring better absorption and utilization of nutrients. 


Types of Glutamine:

Glutamine exists in two forms - L or D form. L-Glutamine is the free form of glutamine naturally produced by the body and found in foods like eggs, milk, tofu, etc. 

D-Glutamine is not bioavailable to us; therefore, one should always choose an L-Glutamine supplement. 


How to choose the right glutamine for you?

While opting for glutamine, it is essential to establish a reason for choosing the same. Before buying any glutamine supplement, one should always check the ingredient list and glutamine content per serving. Also, the supplement should be certified and free from all prohibited substances.

People with prevailing medical conditions or allergy issues should consult a health expert or doctor for better clarity.


How to use glutamine?

Glutamine supplements are usually available in powder, liquid, tablet, or capsule form. One can take them at any time of the day with water, juice, or any beverage of choice. The best time to consume glutamine is post-workout or bedtime to replenish lost glutamine stores. 

One should always prefer glutamine with cold or room-temperature liquids. This amino acid can get affected by heat; therefore, glutamine tablets or powder with hot beverages is not advisable.

It is better to refer to the instructions mentioned on the pack for better understanding.


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Which is the best glutamine?

Nutrabay Pure Series L-Glutamine is bodybuilders' and fitness enthusiasts' most preferred glutamine supplement. Each serving provides 5 grams of pure unadulterated L- glutamine without any artificial flavours or colours. It is fast-absorbing and perfectly mixes with water, juice, or any beverage of choice. Nutrabay Pure Series L-Glutamine is the best glutamine supplement and a workout essential to improve muscle recovery rate, muscle volume, and stamina. 


Is glutamine safe to consume?

Glutamine is safe to consume and less likely to cause any long-term effects. A person allergic to it might experience nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, milk skin rash, and heartburn.

People with kidney or liver disorders should never consume glutamine supplements before consulting their healthcare provider.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can glutamine benefit Strength Athletes?

Strength athletes prefer stacking glutamine with other supplements due to its influential role in muscle gain and recovery. Glutamine promotes anabolism by maintaining a positive nitrogen balance and stimulating the secretion of HGH. Studies say that glutamine helps prevent muscle cramps and supports rehydration by preventing sodium excretion in the presence of glucose. Supplementing glutamine can also improve performance by reducing the oxidation of branched-chain amino acids, as low glutamine levels are associated with decreased levels of BCAA, especially leucine. 

2. What is the correct dosage of glutamine?

Intake of 5-10 grams per day of glutamine in a single dose may benefit exercise performance and support recovery. A higher amount of glutamine, 30-50 grams per day, does not cause any side effects when examined under specific studies. However, to avoid any possible side effects, either consume the recommended dosage mentioned on the pack or consult a doctor.

3. Who can consume glutamine powder?

Glutamine supplements might prove fruitful for the following:

  • Strength Athletes like bodybuilders, gym-goers, powerlifters, and weightlifters.
  • Endurance Athletes example, runners, cyclists, swimmers, and football players.
  • People with weak immune health only after a doctor's consultation.
  • Anyone suffering from gut issues like Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Leaky Gut (if prescribed by a doctor).