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L-Carnitine for bodybuilding 

L-Carnitine is a nutrient and a dietary supplement that is naturally produced out of lysine and methionine in the presence of an appreciable amount of Vitamin C in the body. In addition to its production in the body, L-Carnitine is also found in negligible amounts in animal products such as milk, meat, and fish. L-Carnitine supplements, universally available in the form of pills and powder, are most often consumed by Vegans and sports-person.

Bodybuilders and core-training practitioners supplement L-Carnitine due to its unique credibility to reduce muscle soreness and boost recovery. Various studies on L-Carnitine as a sports supplement reveal that there is evidence for the beneficial effect of L-carnitine supplementation in training, competition, and recovery from strenuous exercise and in regenerative athletics.

Apart from athletic benefits, L-Carnitine has proven weight reduction benefits because of its ability to turn fat into energy, by transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria, so as to make exercise more productive, particularly among obese people.

Key Benefits of L-Carnitine as a Sport Supplement

  • Improves exercise recovery. 
  • Increases oxygen supply to muscles.
  • Boost blood flow and nitric oxide production, helping delay discomfort and reduce fatigue.
  • Reduces muscle soreness after exercise
  • Escalates the production of red blood cells, responsible for transporting oxygen throughout the body and muscles.

Is L-Carnitine Safe?

One of the very reasons that L-Carnitine has gained wide acceptability is its safe for consumption parameters. L-carnitine is one of the few supplements that are considered absolutely safe for pregnant and lactating mothers. However, this definitely does not encourage self-supplementation. To get the best of the L-Carnitine supplement, it is always advised to consult a nutrition expert for calculating your intake and avoid having any possibility of side-effects.

Why Buy from Nutrabay?

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