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Supplementing with Alpha-lipoic-Acid (ALA)

Alpha-lipoic-Acid (ALA) has gained a lot more attention amongst fitness seekers in recent years. It is a naturally occurring vitamin-like-organic-compound with antioxidant properties. It is highly involved in energy production and is produced naturally in the body in small amount and is also present in a variety of food products such as yeast, spinach, potatoes, broccoli, and liver. 

Apart from natural sources, it is also available widely as a dietary supplement. Various research studies prove the effectiveness of alpha-lipoic-acid in treating heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, and a number of health disorders. Alpha-lipoic acid(ALA) seems to help avert precise sort of cell injury in the body and also restores vitamin levels such as vitamin E and vitamin C. There is also clear evidence that alpha-lipoic acid can improve the function and conduction of neurons in diabetes.

ALA also plays a crucial role in digestion, absorption, metabolism, and energy production by turning nutrients into energy. For maintaining healthy and active digestion, it is pre-requisite to supply the body with an appreciable amount of Alpha-lipoic-acid on a regular basis. 

Key Health Benefits of Alpha-Lipoic-Aid 

  • Aids healthy digestion.
  • Controls blood sugar levels.
  • Helps reduce oxidative stress, which is a primary cause of heart diseases.
  • Escalates energy-burning process, which results in weight loss. 
  • ALA slows the damage done by a variety of health conditions ranging from HIV to liver disease.
  • Boosts body’s ability to use its own insulin, thereby lowering blood sugar in people with type-2 diabetes. 
  • Provides relief from pain, tingling, numbing and burning  which is indicative of diabetic neuropathy.

Hence, with the above information, it is reasonably obvious that to maintain health and to overcome a variety of health disorders, generous consumption of ALA is indispensable.

Is Alpha-Lipoic-Acid Safe?

The safe dosage for Alpha-Lipoic-Acid ranges from 200-1800mg daily. However, the best practice is to consult a health-care-provider to get the dosage customized and to avoid self-supplementation. Also, it is important to avoid over-dosage while supplementing with Alpha-Lipoic-Acid in order to avoid any possibility of side-effects. 

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