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Casein and whey are the two types of protein found in cow’s milk, making up 80% and 20% of milk protein respectively. They differ in digestion times — casein digests slowly, making it good before bedtime, while whey digests quickly and is ideal for workouts and muscle growth.

However, Casein is a complete protein source. That means it provides all the essential amino acids your body needs for growth and repair. Some of our top brands include Myprotein and Procel.

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The two types of protein found in milk are casein and whey. These two milk proteins are considered as the best form of the essential amino acids. Despite the similarity, the two differ hugely in one aspect and that’s the absorption rate. Whey is a fast digesting protein and casein is a slow digesting protein.

Casein creates a positive protein balance:

Casein protein is present in the milk in abundant form. It is comparatively insoluble and form structures called micelles that increase its water solubility. These structures and the peptides are disrupted during the processing of milk to form simpler structures. This is the reason why casein has a slower digestion rate and leads to a slow but steady release of amino acids.

Does whey and casein combination work well?

Yes, since whey rapidly increases protein absorption and casein inhibits muscle protein breakdown, a combination of both is seen to be ideal.

Benefits of Casein

Casein is retained for longer in our system:

One of the plus points of casein proteins is its slow digestion speed which takes several hours to digest. While after a gym session you may want a fast digesting protein, which quickly boosts your muscle energy stores, casein’s slow digesting speed makes it perfect for a pre bed snack. Intake of casein before going to bed will keep your stomach relatively full throughout the night.

Let’s take a look at other casein benefits:

  • It increasingly helps in retention of muscles.
  • It improves metabolic rate.
  • Casein yields greater gains and strength.
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