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Whey Protein Hydrolysate (Hydro Whey) is the most pure and ultra form of whey protein and is made through a process called hydrolysis. In this process, the protein chains are broken down into smaller segments. These newly formed protein particles are very small and are easily absorbed by the body and are called peptides.

Hence, the rate of digestion and absorption of WPH is way faster when compared to any other form of whey proteins. It is often used to speed up the process of recovery and protein synthesis.

Benefits of Whey Protein Hydrolysate:

WPH has a superior bioavailability compared to any other form of whey proteins. Being known for a higher quality of the protein content close to 85% along with a high rate of absorption, Hydrolysed whey protein is regarded as the highest quality form among other whey proteins.

The best time to consume WPH is immediately after workout, as it quickly delivers the amino acids and proteins to the muscles. It’s because of this reason, WPH is regarded as the ideal supplement used for post workout. It quickly begins the recovery process and ultimately increases muscular growth, repair and recovery. Hence, it is an ideal protein supplement for any athlete who quickly needs to accelerate the recovery process and promote muscle growth after an intense training.

Hydrolysed Whey Protein Vs Other forms of Whey Protein

HWP has a superior bio-availability compared to other form of whey proteins. It is an ideal supplement predominantly used for post workout to quickly transfer the nutrients to the muscles. It increases the recovery process and speed up the process of muscular growth, repair and recovery.

However, WPH is the one of the most expensive form of Whey proteins . whey proteins are the most expensive form of whey protein. It is therefore worth asking yourself whether the additional benefits are worth the additional price tag that you are paying for.

As stated above, it can be useful if your goal is to build lean muscles and speed up the recovery process after training.

In short, Hydrolyzed whey is simply a broken-down version of regular whey and is easier on your digestive system. It delivers protein to your body in the fastest way for quicker recovery. If it shows up at the very top of the ingredient list, you’ve got a great product on your hands.

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