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What are Multivitamins for Kids?

Childhood and adolescence are crucial phases for growth and development and play an influential role in the entire lifecycle. In this fast-paced lifestyle, most children prefer eating fast and processed foods. They are picky eaters, and meeting their daily nutritional needs might be challenging. In such cases, multivitamins for kids can provide an additional dietary boost.

Multivitamins for kids are formulated considering the nutritional requirements of children to support optimal growth, cognitive skills and strong immunity.

Kids have different nutritional needs at various developmental stages. One can choose from different multivitamins available for kids, such as immunity boosters, multivitamins for brain development, strong bones, gut health etc. They also come in various forms convenient for a particular age group, such as syrups for infants, gummies and chewable tablets for kids, caplets or gummies for teenagers, etc.


Multivitamin for Kids: Benefits & Uses

Some of the health benefits of taking multivitamins for kids:

  1. Strong bones: Multivitamins for kids contain nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, which kids essentially require to support their growing bodies and strengthen bone mass. 
  2. Keep them energetic: Multivitamins for kids contain B-vitamins critically required for energy metabolism. Growing children need to replenish their pool of B-vitamins daily to support energy metabolism and enjoy their busy, fun-filled days to the fullest. 
  3. Boost cognitive health: You may also find multivitamins for kids fortified with nutrients like DHA, antioxidants that protect our brain cells, fight free radicals and promote better brain health.  
  4. Better immunity: Multivitamins for kids enriched with nutrients like vitamin C, E, and probiotics are good for boosting immune health and naturally strengthening the body's defence mechanism. Strong immune health means lesser chances of kids falling sick.


How to choose the right multivitamin for kids?

Here are some vital factors to consider while buying a multivitamin for kids.

  1. All the ingredients listed must be high quality, safe and free from harmful additives.
  2. It should contain essential vitamins, minerals like iron, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C and no harmful dyes or preservatives. 
  3. It is advisable to check the dosage that a good multivitamin usually mentions based on age group.
  4. Opt for reputed brands that are certified and practice all safety protocols to ensure quality.
  5. In case of any confusion, always consult a paediatrician.


How to use a multivitamin for kids?

Multivitamins for kids are available in varied forms like gummies, syrups, effervescent and chewable tablets. Ideally, one should consume multivitamins for kids with meals; however, they can be taken at any time. It is advisable to consult a paediatrician and refer to the instructions mentioned on the pack to understand the dose and usage.


Where to buy multivitamins for kids?

You can buy multivitamins for women online at Buying from ensures you get original products directly without any middlemen, quality customer service, fast delivery, best price deals for all the products. 


Is multivitamin for kids safe to use?

Multivitamins for kids are safe to use. However, it is advisable to buy a high-quality supplement containing trusted ingredients. One must take multivitamins for kids as per the recommended dosage as excess intake might cause:

  • toxicity
  • constipation
  • allergies
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • abdominal discomfort


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can multivitamins for kids be given daily?

Parents can give multivitamins to the kids daily. However, it is highly recommended to ask your paediatrician about the dosage. If the doctor recommended some other schedule, stick to that for best results. 


2. At what age can I start giving multivitamins to my kid?

Multivitamins for kids are available based on age group, for example, for infants, for two years and above, for four years and above, for ten years and above. If you feel that your child is unable to meet daily nutrient needs because of dietary habits, you can consult a paediatrician and start giving a suitable multivitamin.


3. Can multivitamins for kids be given if the child has any medical condition like diabetes?

If your child has any ailments, consult the doctor before administering any supplements.

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