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Lean Gainers: Best Supplements for Lean Muscles

Everyone dreams of having a perfectly lean body, but it’s a bigger challenge than it seems. A lean body is a combination of ideal body weight and ideal body shape.

Lean gainers are supplements loaded with proteins with a limited quantity of carbohydrates compared to Mass Gainers. Lean Gainers help in adding muscle mass without adding unnecessary fats, this composition of lean gainers supports fat reduction in the body at a much higher rate.

In simple words, lean gainers help you gain body mass more in the form of muscles and less in the form of fats. Lean Gainers mostly contain maltodextrin and proteins from different sources.

Lean mass gainers come in a variety of compositions, but most lean gainers consist of 60-65% carbohydrates, 30-35% proteins and 4-5 % fats on an average.

What are Lean Gainers used for?

Unlike mass gainers, lean gainers enhance the process of weight gain but do not lead to an excessive gain in body fat. Lean gainers help in gaining lean muscles due to their high protein content, they also help in reducing the recovery time, owing to the various nutrients along with Branched Chain Amino Acids present in them.

An ideal lean gainer needs to be low in sugar and fats, moderate in complex carbohydrates and high in good quality proteins. Besides the major ingredients, they also consist of artificial ingredients within permissible limits for adding to the workout performance, increasing bulk, and much more.

Lean Gainer Benefits

A good lean gainer possesses the following benefits:

  • Supports muscle gains while limiting fat gain to a minimum.
  • Lean gainers are a combination of proteins from two or more sources, generally a blend of fast and slow acting proteins. Hence, they support immediate muscle recovery as well as consistent muscle growth.
  • Lean gainers are low in simple sugars (may have zero sugar as well), and moderately high in complex carbohydrates which help in sober weight gain.
  • Lean gainers are low in fats and hence do not lead to belly fat.
  • They might also contain added ingredients such as Creatine, BCAA, MCT, etc, which are extremely beneficial for raising athletic performance as well as promoting lean muscle growth.
  • Lean Gainers are very beneficial for athletes to prevent weight loss (if consumed in small quantity) or gain weight in a controlled way (if consumed in higher dosages).

Who should use Lean Gainers?

Gainers are one of the most popular and controversial supplements, especially among teenagers and early adults however, irrespective of age lean gainers can be consumed by:

  • Underweight teenagers, early adults, gym beginners or any individual looking to gain muscle with limited amounts of fats.
  • Anyone seeking weight gain, majorly in the form of muscles and lesser fat mass.

Lean Gainer Suggested Intake

Lean Mass gainer can be taken either with water or milk however taking it with anything other than water adds to the carbohydrate intake. Therefore, since lean gainers are primarily consumed for limiting the number of carbs and fats, it best that you take Lean gainer with water.

Lean Gainer intake varies from person to person based on individual activity level, target weight gain and calorie consumption through diet, it is best you get your trainer or diet expert to help you with calculating your lean gainer intake.

Lean Gainers Precautions & Side effects

Lean Gainers from credible brands are super safe for consumption, however people with any kind of pre-existing medical conditions such as high blood sugar level and obesity should consult their doctor or nutrition expert prior to its consumption. Also, even for healthy individuals, the additional ingredients present in lean gainers such as creatine, maltodextrin etc might cause gastric distress in some people. Therefore, it is always best to consult a Nutritionist to prevent any kind of future health concerns.  

Why buy it from Nutrabay?

Hence, it can be concluded that lean gainers are the best supplements for gaining muscle mass and increasing muscle size while keeping a check on your overall fat consumption. All gaining supplements at Nutrabay are 100% authentic directly sourced from official manufacturers and importers. You can check out the range of best-gaining supplements at Nutrabay.

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