Coronavirus & Nutrabay: All you need to know

Nutrabay has been a one stop solution for health and fitness supplements since years. Even during such tough times, we do not want any of our customers to suffer because of unavailability of supplements or any concerns regarding hygiene and safety of our products. Nutrabay is persevering to fulfil each and every customer’s demands to the best possible extent. However, the coronavirus situation has increased the effort for everyone.

Nobody in their memories remembers such a big calamity that the world is facing right now. Health and survival are the foremost needs of the hour. Moreover, the nation- wide lockdown owing to this terrible crisis has further adversely affected almost all businesses. We are also facing plenty of challenges to withstand our standards.

But, despite all the struggle we are facing at our end, we want all our customers to be content with our services. We understand that supplements form a very essential part of your lives, not only for specific bodybuilding goals but for general fitness and immunity as well.

We understand your concerns but at the same time, we need to ensure hygiene standards and safety of our customers as well as employees. That is why we are taking a bit more long to make the deliveries. Your delivery might be delayed but we assure to maintain our quality and safety standards. Also, a lot of people are practicing bulk buying in order to prevent any scarcity in near future. We are in coordination with different brands to prevent the shortage of any of the supplements. We are leaving no stone unturned to maintain excellent services in these tough times as well. 

We have implemented the below measures as per WHO guidelines to protect our employees and ensure safe delivery to you. 

  1. Practicing Hygiene: All the employees wear gloves and are also practicing frequent hand washing/ sanitizing and are wearing masks covering their mouth and nose.
  2. Sanitized Facility: We have increased the frequency and intensity of cleaning our facility including the frequently touched surfaces like door knobs. We have also been making sure the courier teams fumigate/ clean their facility so that the orders gets sanitized.This safe- guards the well- being of our employees, delivery people and hence our customers.
  3. Health Monitoring: Temperature monitoring of all the employees is being done at the start and end of each day.
  4. Social Distancing: The workstations have been spread out to maintain social distancing with visible markings on the floor.
  5. Ensure customer satisfaction: We are coordinating with most brands in order to minimize shortage of products as well as prevent any rise in the price of the supplements.

We thank all our customers for standing by us in the current crisis. We value your support and patience and will keep on working hard to meet your expectations to our level best. Please stay indoors and stay safe.

A message from the founders:

Dear customers,

Regardless of the prodigious demands of supplements we are facing, our sturdy structure is able to handle the necessities of the hour. The delivery time might differ depending upon the specific location.

Thanks for being such a wonderful lot of customers and holding your trust in us. We’ll do everything possible to maintain your faith in Nutrabay. 

Shreyans, Sharad & Divay

Shreyans Jain

Sharad Jain

Divay Jain

Shreyans Jain

Sharad Jain

Divay Jain



What are the symptoms and mode of transmission of COVID- 19 (coronavirus)?

Coronavirus, a virus from the family of SARS and common flu can initially start with similar symptoms as any other flu, such as sore throat, running nose, fever, fatigue; and can further aggravate to shortness of breath or affected lungs.

The exact mode of transmission of this virus is under investigation, but similar viruses are transferred through cough droplets.

Is it safe to remain outdoors for a long time?

It is completely prohibited from the Government of India to roam around on the roads without any cause. However, in most areas people can move out for essential requirements such as medical conditions, grocery requirements.

We recommend everyone to remain indoors as much as possible as there is no set treatment yet discovered to treat the disease and by staying indoors, you can at-least prevent the spread of the virus. This is for your good as well as the society.

Is it advisable to go for morning exercises or gym in current times?

It is not at all recommended. Stay at home and you can practice indoor exercises without coming in contact with other people as well as the gym equipment.

Does immunity work against COVID- 19?

Immunity is the strength of a person to fight against infections and diseases and it differs from individual to individual. It depends upon a number of factors such as, a person’s usual lifestyle, a person’s usual diet, genetics etc.

It cannot be built in one or two days, rather it’s a long- term process that prepares the body for upcoming conditions. So not only now, always focus upon having a strong immune system by practicing an overall healthy lifestyle.

What increases my immunity against COVID- 19?

To boost your immunity, you can add the following to your diet in higher quantities. Even afterwards, you should have an adequate amount of these things to have a high immunity.

  • Always have adequate protein in the diet, consider most Indian (especially vegetarian) diets are protein deficient. Protein is the major nutrient responsible for all growth and development occurring in the body. Hence, maintaining an adequate amount of good quality proteins in the diet increases immunity as well. Protein sources include egg, chicken, milk and milk products, lentils, nuts, beans, etc. Inadequacy of protein in diet can further be met via protein supplements.
  • Add Vitamin C to your diet, as it promotes healing. You can add gooseberries (amla), lemon, green chilli, citrus fruits, mustard greens, turnip greens, etc. to your diet.
  • Add Zinc to your diet, as it boosts immunity. Sources include nuts and seeds, wheat germ, mushrooms, beans, etc.
  • Moreover, include all essential foods in diet on a regular basis such as fruits, vegetables, milk and milk products, cereals, lentils, fats, nuts and eggs (and meat products for non- vegetarians).

What if I place an order and the product is not delivered to me? 

Please be assured, the delivery might get delayed but we’ll deliver your product safely to you. However, if due to any inevitable situation we’ll be unable to arrange the product for you, your money will be returned to you with no hassles.

Is ordering during this time safe?

We are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our team and customers. The products are completely sealed and untouched. Also, the boxes are sanitised thoroughly, and the order handling and delivery executives also sanitise hands as per current protocols.

 What are some of the dont’s during COVID- 19?

It is very essential to know about the practices that should be avoided during COVID- 19:

  • Do not touch your face, eyes, nose, etc with the hands with which you touch any outside object or surface, even if you are wearing disposable hand gloves.
  • Do not touch any object at home with unwashed hands when you come back from the market.
  • Do not move out of your house unnecessarily, especially if you have any medical condition such as diabetes, cardiac issues, etc.
  • Handle your supplements single handedly and continue consuming proteins, multivitamins, minerals, fish oil capsules, etc as they can help to maintain your immunity well.
  • Do not take any supplement as a medication against any of the flu symptoms you find in yourself. Take proper medical advice for the same.
  • Avoid coming in direct contact with anyone (friends, relatives, delivery boys, etc) if you are doubtful about being coronavirus positive or awaiting your coronavirus report in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

Can I stop consuming supplements during these times as I am unable to go to the gym?

We suggest continuing with your home workout regimen to stay in shape and continue with your nutritional needs to help maintain your body strength.


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