Best Mass Gainer in India: How to Decide?

Best Mass Gainer in India: How to Decide

Are you looking for the best mass gainer in India?

If you are looking for the best mass gainer in India, then you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of the top mass gainers in India.

Are you struggling to gain weight? Are you skinny? Have you tried all those things which you thought would help you gain weight? Are you sick of all the advice from everyone about putting on weight?

There are plenty of myths about being healthy and gaining weight.

A healthy person is someone whose weight matches his height. As simple as that.

You might blame your genetics, eating habits or maybe age for being skinny, but don’t you worry!

There is a way to gain weight.

The healthy way to gain weight is generally called ‘clean bulk’, and it is defined as the combination of hard work in the gym and nutrition-rich, calorie-dense food.   

Many of us, so-called “hard-gainers”, find it challenging to put on weight. Many of us spend hours and hours in the gym and eat as much and get disappointed for not gaining the weight as expected.

Many would give up. Many would consider themselves unlucky. However, there is always something that can be fixed. You just need the RIGHT information. 

Firstly, here is a quick overview of typical challenges most skinny people face in gaining weight.

Why do some people have trouble gaining weight?

some people have trouble gaining weight
Source: Canva

If your constant workouts are not turning into optimum results, there is a strong possibility that you are making one or more of these mistakes related to muscle-building.

1. You Are Not Eating Enough

Unfortunately, there is no magic spell that would turn your skinny body into a lean muscular one. Muscles require a sufficient amount of nutrients to grow. These nutrients are proteins, carbohydrates, and fat.

When you do not eat enough, your body fails to utilize calories for muscle growth and repair.

Without enough food, perhaps, you lift that weight for now, but your workout will not affect muscle building due to the absence of essential nutrients.

2. Your Protein Intake is Insufficient

Many of us do not keep a tab on our daily protein intake, especially women.

To achieve a lean and muscular body, I recommend 1.3 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight.

More stress, and more nutrition is needed. Dairy, meat, poultry, fish, and eggs are excellent protein sources and should be added to your daily diet.

3. You aren’t training vigorously

 Lack of intensity in training causes hurdles in the journey to bigger and stronger muscles.

Thus, going too light in the gym won’t help. Those 5 kg dumbbells will not tone your body.

Challenge your body with more weight beyond your standard capability, and try pushing your limits.

4. Your sleep is not enough

Working out hard in the gym and getting enough sleep go hand in hand.

If you are not getting a good amount of sleep, working for hours in the gym won’t help.

Human growth heavily depends on the HGH (Human Growth Hormone). When we are asleep, HGH levels are at their peak.

Research suggests a link between insufficient sleep and high cortisol levels. Cortisol, a catabolic hormone that damages muscle tissues, is associated with stress and rises when you have not slept well for a longer time.

5. You Are Inconsistent

Discipline is the key to success.

If you are not consistent with your workout, sleep and diet routine, forget about that body you are dreaming of. Consistency will end up providing a first-class environment for your muscles to grow and repair.

6. You Are Not Following the Correct Cardio

Choosing the correct type of cardio is very important for your muscle growth.

When you add in an excessive cardio session at the expense of calories in your body, muscle growth is impossible.

7. Mass building is not in your training

If you don’t lift weights beyond your capacity, your body will fail to adapt to the changes and eventually fail to gain weight.

According to theories put forth by fitness experts, 3 to 4 sets and 8 to 12 repetitions are the best for hypertrophy. To follow proper physique-based workout training, add variations to the weights and feel the squeeze in your muscles.

8. You’re Not Supplementing Properly

Supplements are the last thing to worry about. When you are perfect at implementing all the things stated above, make sure you balance your routine with healthy nutrition. Protein powder is not the only nutrition.

You can add multivitamins, fish oil and whey protein powder to ensure the nutrition intake you don’t get from food. 

Go for weight gainers if you find it difficult to consume sufficient calories. You can also try creatine monohydrate to achieve muscle power and strength.  

Weight Gain: Essential Facts You Need to Know

Weight Gain: Essential Facts
Source: Canva

Now, we will discuss some of the facts which NEED to be known if you are hoping to gain weight.

1. Remember – Timing is the KEY!

Putting on weight has a lot to do with eating, just like what you eat and how you eat. Timely eating can have a crucial effect on your body mass.

It is clear that we still have a lot to learn about nutrition timings, and there is no universally accepted theory for that. 

For me, providing my gym pieces of training with proper nutrition is the way to success. 

If I just keep supplying calories to my body and lying around on the bed would be the worst thing to do. I would instead prefer consuming more carbs early morning and immediately after a workout for optimum results.

A study says that insulin sensitivity reaches its peak in the mornings and when you have just worked out.

2. Count your CARBS

Quality food is something you must believe in. 

If you fuel your body with a good amount of quality food, that will be paramount for your achievement.

Carbohydrates, in particular, provide a significant portion of quality food. The best thing about carbs is they come from really inexpensive foods like oatmeal, pasta, potatoes, and brown rice.

Be wise and include fruits in your diet as well. Fruits are an excellent source of carbohydrates, antioxidant components, and overall nutrition.

Many fitness experts and nutritionists suggest carbs for muscle growth, and if you are following low-carb meals, you should go for another plan.

3. SLEEP…more and more!

Sleep is directly connected to muscle recovery.

If you sleep less, you are not giving enough time to your muscles to repair. If your muscles are not adequately recovered, you will not feel strong enough to hit the gym the next day. Hence, a good amount of sleep is significant for high-grade lean muscle mass.

Those trying to gain weight in less time are suggested to sleep for at least 10 hours a day. It might be the most feasible option for you. However, you must prioritize your sleep. A night of good sleep for sufficient time will result in significant size and power.

Remember, a tired body will never be a powerful body.

4. Train Vigorously!

When you get out of the gym after working out, ask yourself if you have given your 100 per cent.

Most people go to the gym just for a show-off. They spend their time choosing the right track, clicking the best selfie, chit-chatting and everything that does not include proper lifting. You can not expect optimum results for doing this.

So, next time when you are in the gym, make sure you FOCUS on working out. Feel the pain in muscles while lifting that rod. Pay extra attention to your power and set an example of a superior gym goer rather than just mediocre.

5. Get over your weaknesses

If you hate doing push-ups, then it must be the highest priority of your daily training. Getting over your weaknesses can make a big difference in your body strength.

It is essential to overcome your weak points to remove the tag of ‘hard-gainer. Master your weaknesses and let them be your power.

Working out with your most absolute power means working on your weak points first and then moving to your strengths.

6. Take FATS into consideration

Many think that increasing the fat content in their diet will end up making them even fatter. It is not correct.

Fats are equally crucial for muscle building to level the calorie intake of the body.

Saturated fat supports testosterone levels to be an appropriate range that is necessary for quality muscle building.

For the desired results, one should take 15-20 percent of fat calories from saturated fat and unsaturated, and omega varieties should form the rest of the fat. 

7. Add Variety to Your Workout

To get more and more from your pieces of training, you must keep adding variety to your daily workout routine. Doing the same kind of training every day will not help you achieve more.

Even a tiny change in a workout will help.

For example, you can choose to go for a reverse-grip pulldown session today if you have done a wide-grip lateral pulldown on the last day. You can keep changing hand positions on the same session on alternate days. These small changes prepare your body and take you one step closer to a quality physique.

8. Add Variety To your Food

Same food every day is a bad idea.

If you eat the same diet every day, day and night, you may suffer nutritional deficiency and diet boredom.

You might get the required amount of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates with the same diet every day; however, it is not good enough to fulfill your body’s nutritional needs.

Though the food you eat continuously for seven days is healthy enough, there is very little chance of getting all the nutrients. 

It is wiser to add variety to your food, and the change will add value to your taste buds and muscle strength.

9. Go for A Mass Gainer Supplement 

Building muscles with mass gainer supplements is a scientifically proven approach. 

In general, mass gainers come with 500+ calories per serving and are added with a good amount of carbohydrates, fats, and high-quality protein.

However, know your body type before you enter that supplement shop. There are a variety of mass gainer supplements for different kinds of bodies.

When it comes to the science behind choosing the right mass gainer for yourself, many face difficulties due to a lack of proper knowledge. 

If you are following a proper schedule, the results are not far away. They start showing their existence from the first month itself. And trust me, the efforts you need to put in to gain weight are much lesser than those you put into losing weight. 

There are a few challenges; however, gaining weight for a skinny person is an achievable thing. 

Remember to add the things mentioned above to your daily training routine and focus extra on what, when and how you eat.

Mass gainers are tremendously high in calories, carbs, and protein. It is widely popular amongst fitness experts and nutritionists.

It is beneficial not only for gaining bulk along with muscles but also for post-workout recovery.

Mass gainers can be taken according to your preferences. Some like it with milk, some like it with water, and some prefer different beverages to add some taste. The intake measures of mass gainers differ from person to person. It heavily depends on their credentials, calorie consumption, and training styles.

Who should use Mass Gainers?

Who should use Mass Gainers
Source: Canva

Mass gainers are the best for:

● Those who are active, busy and fail to eat all their meals

● Those who fail to put on weight with their regular food. 

● Those with an inadequate diet and don’t consume the necessary number of calories.

● Those who struggle to gain weight despite working out hard. 

Best Mass Gainers in India 

Best Mass Gainers in India
Source: Canva

Here is the list of the seven best mass gainers for skinny people in India.

1. Nutrabay Gold Mega Mass Gainer

It is one of the most preferred mass gainers by professional bodybuilders and athletes. 

It offers 40 grams of protein and 122 grams of carbs per serving (182 grams with 480-500 ml water or milk) in a ratio of 1:3.

This supplement is perfect for healthy muscle mass and weight gain. It is enriched with multi-source proteins to ensure continual amino acid supply for a longer duration, along with good fats in the form of MCTs.

Nutrabay Gold Mega Mass Gainer is a healthy and effective solution to maximize muscle gain.

When to consume?

Nutrabay Gold Mega Mass Gainer is versatile to consume. Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts should prefer having it post-workout for complete muscle and glycogen recovery. One can enjoy it as a breakfast, bedtime beverage or mid-meal snack. 

2. Nutrabay Gold Mighty Mass Gainer

Another best mass gainer to consider if the fitness goal is to gain weight and build muscle mass.

This mass gainer has a carb-to-protein ratio of 5:1 and provides 395 calories for a healthy mass gain and for refilling the glycogen reserves post-workout. It is enriched with essential vitamins and minerals to fill nutrition gaps and maximize muscle gains.

Nutrabay Gold Mighty Mass Gainer contains a blend of whey and casein protein to ensure a continuous supply of amino acids to boost muscle growth and repair. The presence of digestive enzymes supports better absorption and utilization of protein without causing any stomach distress.

Try it and get amazed by its impressive results.

3. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

Optimum Nutrition is another highly rated product with almost twice the calories per serving than Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer.

With over 1200 calories, it also provides over 250 grams of carbs. 

It is ideal if you are working out intensely regularly. It minimizes the time it takes to gain weight.

The facts per serving are as below:

1. Protein: 50 Grams

2. Source of protein: Whey, Casein, Eggs

3. Calories: 1250

4. Carbs: 252 Grams

5. Fat: 4.5 Grams

6. Largest available Size: 5.4 Kg

7. Flavors: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Banana, Chocolate

This supplement is full of nutrients. The combination of high-quality protein and an astonishing amount of carbs is an ideal answer to gaining weight.

If we list down the pros and cons of these supplements, those would be like this.

In conclusion, just one scoop of this weight gainer offers much more than what other supplements offer in two scoops. This supplement is, undisputedly can be listed as the best mass gainer.

If you are already considering buying it, remember to combine this supplement with a proper workout. The results will be astonishing.

When to Consume?

You can begin consuming Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass 1 hour before your workout and 45 minutes post-workout for optimum results.

Drink one serving before you sleep, which will help you to achieve faster muscle recovery.

4. Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer

There is no doubt that Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer is one of the most-rated supplements.

This award-winning supplement is Loved by consumers, with massive 84 grams of high-quality protein derived from whey, casein, and eggs.

It comes with 1930+ calorie content and 17 grams of BCAAs.

It is known as an all-in-one support with protein, carbohydrates, creatine and more. It is perfect for those who struggle to gain weight.

It also consists of dextrose, sucrose and corn syrup solids.

When to Consume?

“When you require an instant boost of protein, you can go for Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer any time of the day. “

You can also plan to consume one after your workout training module and one between meals.

5. MuscleTech MassTech Extreme 2000

It is a well-known brand among gym-goers and famous for being one the best mass gain supplements for athletes.

 It offers 60 grams of protein and 132 grams of complex carbs per serving (222 grams each with 473 ml water or milk per serving) in a 1:2 ratio. It helps you gain mass faster.

It has a delicious flavour and can be mixed easily with water or any other beverage of your choice. It also comes with essential amino acids and BCAAs to help you in heavyweight training. 

MuscleTech MassTech Extreme 2000 is derived from 6 different protein sources that boost muscle growth and recovery. It also helps to absorb nutrients efficiently. 

Added minerals and nutrients help you to optimize your energy and recover your muscle fatigue during hard training.

When to Consume?

“It is recommended to consume MuscleTech MassTech Extreme 2000 with your breakfast to kickstart your day.”

You can also consume this in between your meals for enough calorie supply for a longer time.

Consume MuscleTech MassTech Extreme 2000 shake 50-60 minutes before you go to bed. It fuels your muscles when sleeping.

6. BSN True Mass 1200

1228 calories and 50 grams of high-quality protein per serving that help you gain weight and muscle recovery make this supplement ideal for skinny people looking for weight gain.

This unique mass gainer comes in powder form and delivers an easy-to-use experience to the user post-workout and between meals.

This BSN True Mass 1200 is rich in vitamins, mineral creatine, glutamine, and MCTs.

It supports your weight-gaining program by providing 215 grams of carbs per serving.

It contains valuable creatine monohydrate and digestive enzymes.

Creatine is famous for being the most crucial component for enhancing muscle strength and power.

When to Consume?

“For the optimum results, it is recommended to consume 1-2 servings of BSN True Mass 1200 per day.”

One in the morning, one in the afternoon and one before you go to bed (23-30 minutes before you sleep).

7. GNC Amp Mass XXX Powder

GNC Amp Mass XXX Powder is perfect for maintaining the balance between proteins and carbs. This nutrition-rich supplement provides 50 grams of proteins in each serving. 

Each serving (75 grams) can provide 48 grams of complex carbs, which helps you accelerate mass gain. It comes with the purest form of creatine that helps water retention in muscles.

The primary feature of GNC Amp Mass XXX Powder lies in its MCT. MCT oil delivers enhancement to muscle mass gaining capacity, and helps you effectively gain muscles. 

You can try this mass gainer to gain muscles more healthily and safely, as this is listed as the best protein powder for skinny people to gain weight.

When to Consume? 

You can consume this product twice a day. It is suggested to consume this supplement 1 hour before the workout and 20 minutes post-workout for better results.

For hard-gainers, it is good to consume this with milk before going to bed. 

5 Reasons to use mass gainer

Reasons to use mass gainer
Source: Canva

Suppose you are dedicated to your workout and spending hours and hours in the gym to achieve your dream of a muscular and toned physique. In that case, there is an excellent possibility that you have already started consuming mass gainer or you are considering buying one.

If that is the case, you should know why using the right mass gainer will benefit you the most. 

Here are some crucial reasons behind the use of Mass Gainer :

1. Meeting Your Calorie Needs

The principal feature of weight gainers is to make us reach our calorie goals. Mass gainers are especially beneficial if you find it hard to gain weight and the only way to put on weight is to eat as much as you can.

Mass gainers reduce the efforts to meet extreme calorie levels even faster.

2. Special Fats Saves You Stay Lean

Another good reason to go for mass gainers is that they are equipped with specially-formulated dietary fat that supports you in maintaining a lean and toned physique.

Dietary fat is undoubtedly the most crucial micronutrient you get from a mass gainer; thus, it is critical to take the mass gainers correctly.

Always look for a mass gainer that contains the least amount of saturated fat and is rich in medium-chain triglycerides.

3. Post Workout and Availability of Daily Varieties 

Some Mass gainers are ideal to consume closer to your workout sessions, and some are ideal to be taken to replace your meal and enhance the calorie levels in your body.

If you are thinking of consuming mass gainers right before or after you train hard in the gym, make sure to select one that is low in fat and high in carbohydrate content. This is the golden time you should feed your muscles with carbs to deliver enough amino acids to your muscles. Your body tends to benefit the most from the calories during this time of the day; thus, it is suggested to consume more and more calories.

4. Meeting Your Creatine Needs

Weight gainers help you in many ways. It is another important reason to add weight gainers to your diet as it fuels your muscle-building journey with extra creatine that is crucial for gaining weight in less time.

Creatine is a part of most mass gainers, and it is essential to consume it with quick-acting carbohydrates. Creatine and carbs do magic together. If you notice yourself gaining weight in the initial stages of your training, it will be because of the rich influx of carbs and creatine.

5. Faster Recovery With L-Glutamine

The last reason to use a mass gainer is its fast recovery benefits. Muscle recovery from one workout to another is essential, and if you are not feeding yourself with enough calories, you might fail.

A mass gainer takes care of faster muscle recovery by supporting the body with enough calories. Many mass gainers come with L-Glutamine, an amino acid of great importance in the muscle recovery process. L-Glutamine helps you stay immune during the journey to the muscular body that you desire.

Mass Gainers: Precautions and Side Effects 

Side effects
Source: Canva

What you do in your gym is as crucial as what you do outside. That includes your regular meals and added supplements. If you are considering a mass gainer supplement, these are some disadvantages you should be aware of.

Working hard in the gym to build muscles can be a long process, and thus, many choose to add mass gainer supplements to their diet. While there are many advantages to the right mass gainer, you should take some disadvantages and a few precautions.

Even though mass gainers are designed to help you fix weight gaining problems you face, Harvard health Publishing has studied the toxins found in mass gainers and based on their study on the Clean Label Project. They found several protein powders containing pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants. 

Health safety and misleading product labelling can be another disadvantage of mass gainer supplements.

Journal of Dietary Supplements published a review earlier that questions the benefits of mass gainers. They claim that the mass gainer supplements are processed materials and lack some nutritional components essential for a healthy lifestyle. This is the reason many would suggest complete food over mass gaining supplements. 

Through a study, the Cleveland Clinic claims that your complete protein requirements are fulfilled with whole food and not by the mass gainers. Keeping this in mind, you should know that food rather than mass gaining supplements should fulfil your nutritional needs.

Since protein intake through supplements is considered safe for adults, improper doses can cause some significant side effects such as nausea, thirst, reduced appetite, tiredness, increased bowel movements, and headaches.

Final Thoughts 

Best Mass Gainer in India: How to Decide
Source: Canva

Choosing the best mass gainer supplement in India can be a daunting task, but it’s important to remember that the right supplement for you will depend on your individual needs and goals. Before making a purchase, consider factors such as the quality and quantity of protein, carbohydrate, and fat sources, as well as any additional ingredients such as vitamins and minerals.

It’s also important to pay attention to the dosage recommendations and to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen, especially if you have any underlying health conditions.

Remember, while mass gainers can be a useful tool in supporting weight gain and muscle growth, they should not be relied on as a replacement for a balanced diet and consistent exercise routine. In order to see real progress, it’s essential to focus on a holistic approach to fitness and nutrition, including regular strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and a well-rounded diet that includes plenty of whole foods.

How do I choose the best mass gainer?

If you do require a Mass Gainer consider the following things before buying one:
It has at least 15g protein per scoop. Note: per scoop not per serving.
Ensure the source of protein is a quality one like whey concentrate, isolate, casein, egg protein or a combination of all three.
Check carbohydrate source.

How do I know if I need mass gainer?

If you struggle to hit your calorie goals every day due to financial or time constraints, but still want to make sure you’re eating enough to make progress in the gym or on the scale, a mass gainer could be helpful for you.

Which is the No 1 mass gainer in India?

MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL is the best mass gainer supplement powder that comes with the perfect carb to protein ratio of 3:1 to ensure that you are able to gain lean muscle mass faster. With every serving (3 scoops or 75g) of this supplement, you can get 177.8g of complex carbs and 60.7g of protein.

Which is best gainer for beginners?

Optimum Nutrition ON Serious Mass High Protein with Vit… 5 kg, Vanilla. (25,873)
HEALTHOXIDE My First Protein with whey, casein & pea, C… 1 kg, Chocolate. (8,470)
MUSCLEBLAZE Weight Gainer with Added Digezyme Weight Ga… 2 kg, Chocolate. (66,109)
Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein. 2.39 kg, Chocolate Creme.

What are the disadvantages of mass gainer?

5 Mass Gainer Side Effects You Should Be Wary Of
Unhealthy Weight Gain.
Increases The Risk Of Diabetes.
Issues With Digestion.
Liver Damage.
Kidney Damage.

Should I use mass gainer daily?

Summary. Mass gainer can be taken every day and should be if you’re a hard gainer that can’t get enough calories from whole foods. They can also be used as meal replacements each day if you live a busy lifestyle.

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