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Why Women Need Protein? Best Protein Powders For Women: Dosage, Benefits & More

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Women need protein too. Some people tend to relate protein shakes with big and muscular bodies and wrongly assume that protein shakes aren’t meant for women. It’s a misconception. Females don’t have high testosterone levels; hence, they can’t become bulky as men do. Instead, protein can help women preserve their lean muscles, strengthen their bones […]

Why Take Protein Shakes for Weight Loss Amid Cutting Phase?

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Did you know that protein is the single most important nutrient for weight loss? Yes, protein for weight loss. For those who believe that protein is only required for building muscle, then this article should debunk that myth. In this article, we’re going to talk about Cutting Phase in Bodybuilding Role of Protein in Weight […]

Top Supplements For Mental Health & Why We May Need Them


We may view our mind and body as separate things. However, multiple scientific researches have found associations between our mental and physical health. Exercise has shown to improve mood and psychological well-being.1 On the other hand, a mental health condition “depression” has been linked to many chronic physical illnesses including diabetes, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, […]

The Best Multivitamins in 2022 for Men & Women Reviewed


In a perfect world, we won’t need multivitamins. Everyday we’ll eat a wide variety of farm fresh, nutrient rich vegetables and get all our nutrients from our diet. It’s sad that the world isn’t perfect. That’s why you need multivitamin supplements to fill the potential nutrition gaps in your diet and meet your daily intake […]

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